Managing my Pain

Get a head start on self-management

There is no cure for chronic pain, but it can be managed. Self management is one of the most important treatments in your chronic pain journey. Studies have shown that when people actively manage their pain on a daily basis, they get the best results.

There are many self-management strategies that can help reduce pain:

  • Becoming knowledgeable about chronic pain and what is happening in your body.
  • Staying active every day by stretching and walking to improve your pain levels.
  • Pacing your activities throughout the day to reduce your risk of flare up.
  • Practicing daily relaxation techniques.
  • Learning how to communicate with family, friends, and care providers.
  • Learning how to cope with the emotions of having a chronic pain including depression and anxiety.
  • Improving your sleep so you can get more rest and cope better with your pain.
  • Listening to your body to learn which treatments work best for you and to avoid flare ups.

Get a head start on self-management:

Benefits of Self-Management

Benefits of Self-Management

Chronic pain may never be completely cured, but can be managed. The evidence tells us that people who use active therapies such as self-management have:

  • Less disability than those who receive only passive therapies (taking medication, resting, using hot/cold packs).
  • Improved feelings of isolation when participating in group therapy.

Choosing the Right Self-Management Program

Pain is a complex condition that is impacted by a variety of physical, psychological and social factors.

Self-management programs that address all three of these factors will lead to the best results. There are many options for pain management clinics and finding the one that is best for you may be difficult. There are a variety of options for self management programs and you should take time to find the right one for you.

When you are looking for a self-management program, look for one that:


  • Is evidence-based
  • Run by a reputable organization you trust
  • Is the appropriate format for you and your life, whether that be online or in-person

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