Pain U Online

A self-help module to help you with strategies for managing your pain.

Research shows that online self-management and group self-management programs lower levels of disability and pain.

TAPMI has developed this self-management learning module to teach you about chronic pain and help you:

  • Become knowledgeable about chronic pain and what is happening in your body
  • Stay active every day by stretching and walking to improve your pain levels
  • Pace your activities throughout the day to reduce your risk of flare up
  • Practice daily relaxation techniques
  • Learn how to communicate with family, friends, and care providers
  • Learn how to cope with the emotions of having chronic pain including depression and anxiety
  • Improve your sleep so you can get more rest and cope better with your pain
  • Listen to your body to learn which treatments work best for you and to avoid flare ups

Learning Module

Pathway Questionnaire