Get Referred

Step-by-step on how to get referred to TAPMI

Get Referred

A referral from your primary care provider is required to be seen at TAPMI. Consider a referral to TAPMI if you have had persistent pain beyond 3 months, are not responding to current treatment and you are experiencing the following:

  • Declining physical functioning
  • Increasing psychological stress
  • Absence from work
  • Multiple emergency facility utilizations for pain management
  • You would like guidance opioid use, withdrawal or weaning.
  1. Complete the Self-Assessment Form

    This step will help you, your primary care provider and the TAPMI team find the program that best meets your needs. You will be asked a series of questions about your pain and your treatment and medication history.

    Our system will not save your information.

    Please ensure you’ve put aside enough time to complete, review and download a copy of your final report. You should allow aproximately 15 minutes to complete the form.

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    Why is it important to fill out the self-assessment form?

    The purpose of the self-assessment form is to describe your pain and its impact on your life in a way that helps initiate a conversation with your primary care provider. The assessment will help your primary care provider and the TAPMI team find the program that is best for you.

    Please fill out the form to the best of your ability, print it and then bring it with a blank copy of the TAPMI referral form to your primary care provider.

  2. Make an Appointment With Your Primary Care Provider

    Bring the following to your next primary care provider appointment:

    1. Your completed Self-Assessment Form
    2. TAPMI Referral Form
    Download Referral Form

    Why do I need to get my primary care provider involved?

    TAPMI needs your complete medical history and what you have tried in the past to manage your pain. Your primary care provider is most likely to have the best record of this information.

    Once you have completed your journey with TAPMI your primary care provider will be providing you with ongoing management so it is important that they are involved at the beginning.

  3. Connect your Primary Care Provider with TAPMI

    Have your Primary Care Provider fax the following to TAPMI Central Intake at 416-323-2666:

    1. TAPMI referral form, completed and signed by your primary care provider
    2. Your self-assessment form
    3. Supporting documentation from your chart

    Why so many forms?

    The TAPMI forms are designed to help us get you to the right program.

  4. Referral Assessment

    At TAPMI, your referral will be assessed by a nurse at our Central Intake and then sent to the appropriate site (one of five teaching hospitals in downtown Toronto) with the next available appointment.

    The site will contact you directly about booking your appointment.

    How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

    TAPMI is a partnership between the 5 major downtown hospital. Each program has a different wait time based on their specialty. TAPMI is currently developing a system to communicate wait times to patients.

  5. TAPMI Admission

    Your first appointment could be at any of the TAPMI clinics at the 5 partner organizations. Depending on your care needs, your appointment may be with any member of the health care team which includes the following disciplines: nursing, psychologist, chiropractor, social work, occupational therapy, pharmacist, physiotherapist or physician.

    The Benefits of interprofessional Care

    Interprofessional care is evidence based and shown to have the best patient outcomes.

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